We are really taking off!

Welcome to the Canowindra Business Chamber

Message to everyone:

Due to the impacts of the floods, pandemic and other issues the AGM was delayed by up to 5 months. We're pleased to announce we have now held the 2022/23 AGM and a new committee has been elected to pilot the chamber as we progress ahead. We hope you will join us onboard and together help power-up your Business to better benefit you, your families and the wider Canowindra community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Join up soon to help boost your business!

Exciting News! 

We have lost a lot of time and we are currently moving things along fast to catch up. We are replacing the old website with a fresh, new look, we have created this temporary landing page while a more dynamic and effective one is being developed and yes we are injecting a bit of fun as well.

A new Action Plan is underway, more resources are being added with more benefits, giving you more 'Bang for your Buck'.

We are currently developing a new business focused website for you to access a variety of advisory links, business resources and promote your business.
We are introducing a FREE Trades and Services Directory and FREE Advertising Windows linked directly to your online sites.

We see Canowindra as the centre of its own regional hub and not just the outer spoke of other regional hubs and will focus our marketing on alternative places within a 3 hour radius from town. You could say 'We're doing a 180 on the 360' promoting Canowindra and your businesses to areas including Canberra, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Goulburn, Wyalong, The Southern Highlands as well as the traditionally targeted towns and regions.

We will be encouraging "locals to buy more locally" and inform them that simply spending 30% more in Canowindra, than in other towns, will enable local businesses to increase services, introduce new products and generate more job local opportunities.

We aim to link with other Regional Centres and promote new and unique visitor experience packages to attract more overnight and weekend stays.

We will continue to strengthen communications with Local Council, State and Federal Representatives for more direct and mutually beneficial outcomes.

We are focused on attracting more members to provide a stronger voice at the table when representing the Chamber and Canowindra community.

We are a membership based not-for-profit organisation that advocates for business members in the Canowindra 2804 area. Membership offers you networking opportunities with other business people, and representatives from a diverse variety of backgrounds and activities. We welcome all eligible ABN registered, profit based Sole Traders and Businesses that have an active interest in the local business community. Your voice helps to make our business environment more successful and enjoyable.



Business Membership is open to any Profit based and ABN registered Business or Sole Trader that has their business registered within the Canowindra 2804 district.
Voting membership is open to fully paid business members of the Canowindra Business Chamber. Each membership provides one vote and only members
are entitled to extra value-added services and discounts with promotions or events.

What the new Business Chamber offers members

DYNAMIC AND EFFECTIVE MARKETING and promotion of Canowindra Businesses

USEFUL BUSINESS RESOURCES, templates and links to a diverse range of Services


BUSINESS PROMOTION with direct web-links to your Business website

LISTING in the Canowindra Trades and Services Directory


EASIER ACCESS to Council, State and Federal Govt Departments 

Direct links to FUNDING GRANTS sources and opportunities


DISCOUNTS on CBC Events, functions and more

GREATER EXPOSURE through focussed multi-media use

INCREASED SALES POTENTIALS and greater market growth opportunities 

A BUSINESS FOCUSSED CHAMBER that really means business

LIKE MINDED PROFESSIONALS striving to build better businesses

If you would like to discuss the benefits of the new chamber personally or have any questions, ideas or suggestions please feel free to phone the President, Darren Green, on O415 382 445 or send an email to canowindrabusinessandprogress@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible, Thankyou.

For the Remainder of 2023  we can SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESS FOR FREE 

Here is a sample of how that could look in the new Website being developed over the next few months